If you have reached this page it means that you are curious as to why I also am present in this environment. Well, to provide you with a brief presentation of my translations services, of course.

I am a fully qualified lawyer, registered with the Bucharest Bar and coordinating the Torok Andrei – Octavian Law Office. I have rendered legal services to a lot of foreign clients by also making use of the English language and since 2019 I have also been registered with the Translating For Humanity Non-Profit Organization.

I have been introduced to English since kindergarten and I have maintained contact with it up to this day (and I plan on maintaining this link indefinitely). One of my biggest achievements is that I have convinced/converted (by the quality of my expression and vocabulary) a French person to only use English as communication with our law office even if my colleagues possess a perfect French.

Considering this passion of mine about the English language, I have grown into wanting to speak and write a proper and comprehensive English, therefore becoming at some point a so-called „words marshal„. A word marshall that has been registered as a sworn translator and interpreter (Permit no. 38501/2018) and has been assessed by the Romanian Foreign Languages Center as C2 (native) English proficiency.

If it so happens that you require my translations and/or interpreter services (from English to Romanian and retroversion, including the legal English – the so-called „Legalese„) please contact me and we will establish the terms of our collaboration.

I am present on ProZ> http://www.proz.com/profile/2500367 and

I also am present on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/toroktoroktranslates

We all know that things may get lost in translation, but there may be times when you will have to stand your ground and explain why things did get lost in that translation and ask (kindly) that no consequences are brought upon you for having that thing …. lost in translation. I will help you with that translation, and nothing gets lost in my translation. It’s a fact.

I invite you to discuss my rates (starting with 0.09 Cents/Word) for translation, interpreter and proofing projects.

Thank you for your interest in my profile.

Orders can be sent at the e-mail address Andrei.Torok@hotmail.com

I look forward to our next project.